KARACHI (PR) - President of Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors (CPNE) Kazim Khan has announced establishment of CPNE Media Safety and Security Committee.  In a statement issued by CPNE Secretary General Aamir Mehmood, it is maintained that Media Safety and Security Committee’s objectives would be assessment of security risks to journalists, editors and employees of media houses, newspapers and magazines. Other objectives would be tabling proposals for security audits, making contacts with security agencies and sending suggestions to the standing committee. The Media Safety and Security Committee will consist of 9 members, whose chairman will be Ikram Sehgal, Chief Editor of Defense Journal. Other members of the committee include Ijazul Haq (Daily Express Karachi), Muhammad Haider Amin (Daily 92 News, Lahore), Salman Masood (Daily The Nation, Islamabad), Dr Jabar Khattak (Daily Awami Awaz, Karachi), Arif Baloch (Daily Balochistan Express, Quetta), Tahir Farooq (Daily Ittehad, Peshawar), Yusuf Nizami (Daily Pakistan Today, Lahore) and Maqsood Yousefi (Daily Nai Baat, Karachi).