US’ Forever Wars

It is done. It can no longer be said, with any degree of honesty, that the US has not committed a genocide. By giving Israel $26.38 billion in direct military aid – after more than half a year of witnessing the horrors of the Palestinian genocide while arming the Zionist state to the teeth – Washington has made its intentions clear, now and for posterity.

The Palestinian genocide is being committed jointly by the US and Israel – with complete support of Europe. More evidence comes in the form of the attached provisions to ban TikTok, the one platform outside US big tech control, which was consequently not censoring anti-Israel content. TikTok has been a hotbed of pro-Palestine sentiment, has encouraged independent journalism, and has been in the forefront of fact-checking US-Israel propaganda. There is a clear generational divide, with the overwhelming number of young people supporting Palestine – therefore, the youth’s prime platform of choice is being shut down. Quite a departure for the self-professed bastion of democracy and freedom of expression.

But the ills of this legislation are still not done. In one monolithic legislation the US Congress had also passed provisions to supply $60.84 billion to Ukraine, continuing the doomed proxy war that the US has been fighting against Russia. The aid for Ukraine will continue a NATO-instigated war which has killed an entire generation of Ukrainian military age men – all without any clear path to victory, no strategic goals that will achieve that victory, and no indications that such a victory is even possible. Instead of seeking to end the destruction of Ukraine and pushing for diplomatic settlement to end the conflict in the face of stalemate, Washington has chosen to keep the grinder of war grinding.

The fourth and final act of this legislation – giving $8.12 billion to Asia-Pacific - is preparing another region of the world for another cataclysmic conflict. China and Taiwan both believe in the “One-China Policy” – the notion that China and Taiwan are part of one contiguous historical land, with the current status quo merely being an extended civil war. Despite this state of affairs, which lend themselves to an eventual reunification. The US has built up Taiwan as an independent nation that is effectively an imperial military outpost, while also militarizing Philippines, Japan, South Korea, and Australia against an eventual war with China. With one stroke of the pen, the US has fueled its forever war into the next decade.

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