Stakeholders vow to strengthen tobacco policy reforms in KP

PESHAWAR   -   In a major stride towards advancing public health initiatives, Blue Veins or­ganised a multi-stakeholder con­sultation to strengthen policy re­forms concerning smoke-free public places and the sale of new­er tobacco and nicotine products in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP). 

The session brought together health experts, government offi­cials, and civil society represent­atives to address the urgent need for updated regulations on Elec­tronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS), E-Cigarettes, and tobacco use in public spaces.

The consultation explored paths forward for enhancing to­bacco control policies and legis­lation in KP, emphasising the ne­cessity for synergistic efforts to ensure the effective adoption and execution of these critical health regulations. 

During the stakeholder consul­tation, participants admired the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) gov­ernment’s proactive measures in tobacco control. 

They acknowledged the signif­icant strides made and empha­sised the urgent need for more comprehensive legislative action. 

The call was for robust, province wide policies and laws to curb the growing use of harmful nico­tine delivery devices, highlighting the necessity of stringent controls to combat the health risks associ­ated with vaping and e-cigarette consumption.

Dr Shaukat Ali, Director General Health of KP, asserted, “Our com­mitment to public health is unwa­vering. It’s imperative to reinforce our enforcement of existing to­bacco control laws to protect our community’s well-being.”

Abdul Kabeer Khan, Member Provincial Assembly (MPA), re­iterated the provincial govern­ment’s dedication, stating, “The health and safety of our people is the key priority of the new gov­ernment. We are committed to ad­vancing legislation that prioritis­es public interest with a focus on health and education.”

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