Women politicians grasp crucial role in electoral process

ISLAMABAD   -   Women from dif­ferent age groups, political parties, and constituencies have actively contested in the general election 2024, which de­picts advancement in gender equality.

The election results also show that women are gaining ground in various constituencies, said a report aired by a private news channel.

Senior Leader of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Nafisa Shah said that ac­tive participation of women in politics and elections is a democratic norm that helps in addressing issues of women.

Promoting the political participation of women is a necessary step that will help to achieve gender equality and it will also portray a positive image of the country in the world, said Independent candidate Shandana Gulzar while hail­ing active participation of women in elections.

Another contestant Rehana Imtiaz Dar expressed her commitment and dedication to the welfare of the country and expressed confidence in winning polls based on her massive social work.

Representation of women in Paki­stan’s Parliament is an important met­ric to evaluate progress in bridging gender inequities in the country, said a youngster while appreciating the active role of women in general election 2024.

The emergence of these courageous women candidates serves as an inspir­ing narrative of change and progress that signals a transformational era of political landscape, said a women so­cial media user.

While giving details of female candi­dates who participated in the election, Seemabia Tahir from Rawalpindi said that overall turnout of women voters in the election was better than last year and it is a positive development that a huge number of women contested in the election.

Rehana Imtiaz Dar, former MNA from Lahore and Alia Hamza Malik also hailed the role of women in politics.

Ayesha Nazir Jatt daughter of for­mer MNA Nazir Jatt from Vahari com­mented that it was observed that wom­en ran door-to-door campaigns against male candidates and appealed to exer­cise of right to vote.

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