PTI moves to strategise govts formation

ISLAMABAD  -  In a strange move, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on Monday established special committees to hammer out a strategy on government formation not only in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), where it has a two third major­ity, but also in the Centre and Punjab.

The decision was taken in a meet­ing of the party‘s Core Committee meeting. The participants agreed to the early com­pletion of the nomination process for im­portant government and parliamentary po­sitions in the light of the recommendations and strategies proposed by the committees.

The forum lauded the people of the country for demonstrating political ma­turity through their power of vote on February 8. The PTI Core Committee stated that people of Pakistan, through their votes, gave PTI Founding Chairman Imran Khan an unprecedented certifi­cate of patriotism and awarded his party with a clear majority.

The meeting made it clear that the par­ty would strongly resist any “undemo­cratic, illegal, apolitical and immoral at­tempts at all level to hand over the rein of Pakistan to the criminals by stealing the public mandate.”

The participants underlined that the ongoing talks among political parties, other than PTI, for formation of govern­ments in the Centre and Punjab were an open contempt of the public man­date and their clear verdict. They vowed that PTI would pursue those who under­mined the democracy and allegedly vio­lated the sanctity of the vote inside and outside of the parliament.

They went on to say that voices were being raised against the poll fraud in and outside of the country because the pub­lic mandate was being brutally insulted.

The forum highlighted that political parties of national level including Ja­maat-e-Islami were raising serious ques­tions about the criminal role of the elec­toral body and the lack of transparency of the elections.

The Committee said that the return­ing officers (ROs), who had committed serious electoral frauds like polluting the elections and violating the transpar­ent public mandate were national crimi­nals and the people would hold them ac­countable for their crimes.

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