Crackdown against illegal constructions launched

LAHORE   -  In compliance with the orders of Minister for Information and Local Government Amir Mir, a major crackdown has been initiated against unauthorised, illegal constructions and encroachments in Lahore. More than 51 underconstruction commercial and resi­dential buildings have been sealed for being against the approved maps. Even structures built without approved maps are under scru­tiny for potential demolition. Following the orders of the Minister for local government, Secretary Local Government Dr Arshad Ahmad has launched actions against build­ing inspectors involved in facilitating illegal constructions. FIRs have been filed against those engaged in unauthorised construction activities. On the orders of the Local Govern­ment Minister, basements’ excavation be­neath shops on McLeod Road in Data Ganj Bakhsh Zone has been stopped. This mea­sure was taken to avert the risk of collapsing adjoining buildings. This unauthorised work was carried out without any sort of approval. FIRs have also been registered against shop owners by the Local Government Depart­ment. The issue of basement encroachments was brought to the forefront through public complaints and subsequently addressed by the provincial minister. Notably, the re­sponse entailed not only the removal of the encroachments themselves but also the re­instatement of excavated soil back into the basements. Parallelly, in the Anarkali Bazaar vicinity, construction on a commercial proj­ect that had been initiated without the nec­essary approvals, has been suspended. After the cessation of construction activities and the site’s sealing, FIRs have been formally lodged against the proprietors.

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