Radio Pakistan achieves significant milestones in ‘digital migration’: Solangi

ISLAMABAD   -   Caretaker Minister for In­formation and Broadcast­ing Murtaza Solangi, in his address to an international conference in Amsterdam on Saturday, highlighted the significant achieve­ments made by Radio Paki­stan in its digital migration journey. Addressing the international conference on Radio Resource Control and Management via Zoom, he said Radio Pakistan had achieved significant mile­stones in its journey of digi­tal migration. Despite facing numerous challenges and obstacles, Radio Pakistan has been on its path of prog­ress, he said while stressing that the broadcasting land­scape was evolving globally, including in Pakistan. He said digitalization of Radio Pakistan was currently in progress, with efforts were underway to digitize its entire archives. The min­ister said Radio Pakistan was transitioning towards Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) technology to align its broadcasts with interna­tional standards. With the installation of DRM trans­mitters, he said Radio Paki­stan’s broadcast would not only be accessible through­out the country but also in neighboring nations. So­langi noted that the DRM technology was expected to reduce Radio Pakistan’s operational costs by up to 40 per cent, with the added benefit of energy saving. The minister also high­lighted an important fea­ture of DRM transmitters, which included an emer­gency warning system ca­pable of issuing immediate alerts during natural disas­ters. The initiative would also facilitate disaster management authorities in carrying out relief efforts in affected areas.

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