Multan Garrison Mess

Multan is one of the most ancient cities of Asians subcontinent. Its history can be traced to the time of Mahabharata war. Multan Garrison Mess is one of the oldest buildings of Multan.
Nawab Bahawalpur who was Turk accent, constructed this building on Turkish architecture and by making clay bricks from Chenab River. It was constructed in 1880. An English resident allotted 7.63 acres for this purpose. It is located in Multan cantonment under the control of Pak army. It is also known as Service Club, Multan. This amazing master piece contains 13 domes of different size. Those domes were made up by mud (GACHEE MITI) of Chenab River.
­This is also a truth that except few buildings of Turkey, all walls consist of 9 & 11 domes. There is no other building having so many numbers of domes of different sizes but geometrically same.
This thing shows the beauty of good architected piece. British officers have been using this building as a club; they had constructed a big floor of wood in the main hall. With the passage of time the building was reconstructed by the Pakistan government and its interior is according to the Mughal theme.
(Bilal Afzal, Mujahid and Ali Raza)

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