Faulty water pump exacerbates woes of Jhanda Chichi residents

RAWALPINDI  -  The residents of Jhanda Chichi were facing hardships as a crucial water pump, respon­sible for supply-ing water to a significant portion of the town, has been malfunc­tioned. The mechanical fail­ure of the water pump has worsened the ongoing wa­ter crisis in the area, leav­ing the locals desperate for immediate solutions. “The faulty pump has forced res­idents to endure increased water shortages, severely impacting their daily lives. Long queues have formed at alternative water sources, which are already strained due to the water scarci­ty,” said a resident Muham­mad Ayub on Sunday. Anoth­er local noted that families were finding it increasing­ly challenging to meet their basic water needs, leading to heightened tensions and growing frustration. As the situation worsens, the re­si-dents of Jhanda Chichi are demanding swift action from the authorities, he add­ed. Huma, a working women, emphasized that the time­ly repair of the pump was essential to alleviate their plight and prevent the cri­sis from spiraling out of con­trol. The residents appealed to the concerned agencies to prioritize the repair of the faulty water pump and re­store a proper water supply.

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