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Rise of women bikers in Pakistan  

Riding a bike has always been seen as a “manly act”, and it is rare sight to catch women riding motorcycles in Pakistan. However, with the economical crisis and inflation, not everybody can afford to invest in cars, vans, and chaotic bus rides. Being overwhelmed, the masses have opted to ride a motorcycle because it is indeed the need of the time.

Seeing a number of female students in my university ride motorcycles in the past couple of months has brought exhilarating joy to me. Talking about such women makes me ambitious, proud, and hopeful for the future of Pakistan. One of my friends recently learned to ride a motorcycle because her father could not pick her up and drop her off every day due to his illness. I think every girl should come forward and participate, as there are a number of institutions that train and educate them. It just does not give a sense of freedom, it is also a life skill everybody needs to learn for the sake of living.

I urge the Government to step forward and take part in imparting women’s freedom because women riders should not be facing accusing fingers and a sense of shame while they are just trying to make it through the day. Through your reliable and trusted media coverage, I would like to request you to highlight the above-mentioned concerns for the benefit of people.



ePaper Nawaiwaqt