KARACHI - Former pop star Junaid Jamshed was in hot waters when Karachi police on Tuesday registered a first information report (FIR) against him for allegedly committing blasphemy.

FIR 234/2014 was registered against Junaid by Kharadar police under section 295/C and 298/A on the directives of court.

Junaid Jamshed, by contrast, is a wealthy high-profile member of the Tablighi Jamaat.

A video of the former lead singer of the 1980s band ‘Vital Signs’ -- in which he appears to make negative remarks went viral over the weekend and led to the police case.

"We have filed a blasphemy case against Junaid Jamshed in Rasala Police Station on the orders of Justice Ahmed Saba of the district court," Faheemuddin Sheikh, spokesman for the Sunni Tehreek religious organisation, told AFP from Karachi.

Muhammad Shafique, a police official at Risala Police Station in Karachi, confirmed the incident.

Jamshed, 50, had earlier released a video on Facebook in which he admitted he had erred and pleaded emotionally for forgiveness.

"This is my mistake and it happened because of my ignorance and lack of knowledge and I seek forgiveness from the Muslim world," he said.

"I request my brothers to forgive me and I am thankful to them for pointing out my mistake, it happened unintentionally and I seek forgiveness from Allah."

Earlier, scores of people associated with various Barailvi schools of thoughts staged a protest on Tuesday against Junaid Jamshed for his alleged blasphemous remarks.

The protesters gathered on MA Jinnah Road and blocked the main artery of the city to register the protest against the former pop singer. The vehicular suspension near Numaish Chowrangi on MA Jinnah Road also caused massive traffic jam. Police had to divert traffic to alternate routes to facilitate commuters, however, extra contingent of police was also deployed to avoid any untoward incident.

The protesters were demanding immediate arrest of Jamshed. They also demanded his trial under blasphemy laws.

PST leaders said the protest was supported by other Sunni organizations including Jamiat Ulema-e-Pakistan, Idara Sirat-e-Mustakeem and Barkati Foundation. ST leaders ended the protest when they came to know that their demand had been accepted and a case had been registered against Junaid Jamshed. Later the protesters dispersed peacefully.

Before joining the Tablighi Jamaat, Jamshed was one of Pakistan's best loved pop singers, famous for hits in the 1980s such as "Dil Dil Pakistan".

Now bearded and seen in traditional attire, he often appears on TV adverts to give products a religious endorsement, and also runs a chain of fashion boutiques.

He frequently makes appearances on television, and has previously said women should not drive nor venture out of the home without a male guardian.