Ishaq Dar vows to bring country out of economic crisis

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar on Saturday vowed to steer out the country out of the existing difficult situation.

Federal minister, while talking to a delegation candidly admitted that the political instability in Pakistan causes hardships. “We are striving to fulfill our promises,” he said. “All problems could not be addressed in single day, the country faces so many challenges,” he further said.

“The national economy has been in a difficult situation but there is hope of betterment,” Ishaq Dar said.

Pointing to some economic analysts he said those who are giving default dates should be ashamed. “Some zealots want to see Pakistan in default, but the country will never face a default situation”, finance minister said.

He said Pakistan is a solvent country having assets worth trillions of dollars. He said our external liabilities are around one hundred billion dollars but at the same time our only one asset of gas infrastructure is about forty to forty-five billion dollars. “There is no need to worry”.

“We are trying to oblige foreign repayments in time and taking steps for long term economic improvement of the country,” he added.

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