While replying to the question on a private TV channel as to how can the democratic forces ensure that military would never take over in future, Nawaz Sharif gave a long-winded, stereo-type reply. He talked of good governance, supremacy of parliament, upholding of the Constitution etc. etc. Had I been in his place, the answer would have comprised of one sentence only. "Do not indulge in corruption and the politics of confrontation". What Mr Sharif didn't say - whether knowingly or unknowingly - is that the military never comes on its own. It is always forced by the circumstances warranting its interruption that are created by politicians. Pakistan Army does not need any body's permission to take over - constitution or no constitution, article 6 or no article 6. It moves in to save the country. Can anybody swear with hand on his chest and say that the way things are happening now in the political arena augers well for democracy in the country? Gone with Musharraf is the glue that kept them bonded. The coalition has already started turning into confrontation and this confrontation would soon reach its culmination when Asif Zardari is elected President and Shahbaz Sharif is replaced by Manzoor Wattoo in Punjab. And, if then the politics of agitation, unrest, strikes, gherao and jalao destroying the country are resorted to, as one can read it writ large on the wall, wouldn't Ashfaq Parvez Kayani be justified in taking over and saving the country? -COL (Retd) RIAZ JAFRI, Rawalpindi, via e-mail, September 4.