Meeting held to ensure uninterrupted supply of electricity during Muharram

HYDERABAD   -   A meeting was held between delegations of the central organization Azza Anjuman Haidari Kadamgah Maula Ali, the registered organization Azza, and HESCO Chief Operating Officer Zulfiqar Ali Memon to ensure the uninterrupted supply of electricity during Muharram. The HESCO administration has made special arrangements during Muharram, including the formation of mobile teams equipped with complete T&P to ensure continuous electricity supply during the days of mourning.

HESCO has arranged for continuous electricity supply from 7PM to 5AM across 171 feeders in Hyderabad during Muharram, with 65 of these feeders located in Hyderabad city and mobile teams have been formed under emergency protocols to ensure immediate response to any technical issues. These teams, led by Chief Operating Officer Riyaz Ahmad Pathan, will be available 24/7, especially around the crossings of Azadari processions. The meeting included key HESCO officials and representatives from mourning organizations, including In-charge PDC Ghulam Sarwar Unar, Exen Operation Division Vehicle Accounts Syed Aqib Abbas Shah, Deputy Manager (PR) Muhammad Sadiq Kubar, and officials from Anjuman Haidari and Azza (Registered) District Hyderabad. A control room has been set up at HESCO headquarters to monitor and address any technical issues promptly. Exen Latifabad, Ghulam Farooq Tunio, Exen Latif II Syed Mukhtiar Shah, Exen Ghazi Syed Aqib Abbas Shah, and Exen Phuleli Salahuddin have been instructed to visit all Imambargahs in Hyderabad, check for electricity-related issues, and resolve them immediately while staying in touch with Anjuman officials to support continuous electricity supply.

All line staff holidays have been canceled during the mourning days of Muharram, and emergency measures have been implemented to ensure full staff availability. HESCO is responsible for both electricity transmission and bill collection. Consumers are requested to pay their HESCO dues promptly, use electricity legally, and switch to energy savers instead of ordinary bulbs. HESCO is committed to ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted electricity supply during the holy month of Muharram, and we appreciate the cooperation of all concerned parties.

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