PSA lauds govt vision to maintain current Net Metering rate

LAHORE-Pakistan Solar Association (PSA) has expressed its gratitude to the caretaker government for its decision to maintain the current Net Metering rate for solar energy users, as announced by Minister for Energy Muhammad Ali. PSA Chairman Amir Chaudhry commended the government’s commitment to sustainability and the environment, emphasizing that this decision would foster the adoption of solar energy and contribute to a cleaner, greener Pakistan.
Amir Chaudhry said that PSA fully supports the vision of a cleaner, greener Pakistan and emphasized the need to let the solar sector flourish by simplifying processes and encouraging solar adoption in various segments. He said that the opening of Letters of Credit (L/Cs), a key requirement for solar project sourcing and financing, should undergo simplification. The current ambiguity in the policy regarding L/Cs procedures can deter potential investors and consumers.
Lastly, Amir Chaudhry added that convenience is a pivotal factor in encouraging solar adoption. Streamlining the process for the end-consumer, from selecting the installer to obtaining permits to connecting to the grid for Net Metering, can significantly reduce the barriers to entry for potential users. An online or simplified net metering process can help consumers with a more informed and convenient installation process, making them more likely to invest in solar systems. Net Metering allows solar energy users to feed excess electricity back into the grid, offsetting their energy bills and encouraging the production of clean energy. The PSA, representing the interests of the solar industry, has welcomed the government’s decision to preserve the existing rate, ensuring stability and continuity for the sector.
Extending heartfelt appreciation, Amir Chaudhry stated, “We are thankful to the government for quelling the rumors regarding revising the net metering rates. This decision will undoubtedly promote the usage of solar energy across the nation. It aligns with our collective vision for a sustainable Pakistan, reducing carbon emissions, and fostering a cleaner and greener environment for all. The PSA remains eager to collaborate with all stakeholders to further advance the solar energy sector and contribute to the nation’s long-term sustainability objectives.”
Solar energy is an essential component of Pakistan’s clean energy transition, contributing to reduced greenhouse gas emissions, energy independence, and job creation within the renewable energy sector. Maintaining the current Net Metering rate provides much-needed certainty to investors and encourages further investment in solar infrastructure. Amir Chaudhry further emphasized the environmental benefits, saying, “By preserving the current Net Metering rate, we are not only promoting sustainable energy practices but also taking concrete steps towards controlling nitrogen emissions and ensuring a cleaner environment for future generations.” The PSA is committed to working alongside the government and other stakeholders to continue driving the growth of the solar energy sector in Pakistan. The association sees this decision as a significant step towards achieving the country’s renewable energy goals and combating climate change.

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