Separate polls can create instability, Sana tells parliament

ISLAMABAD    -    Since the country’s pol­itics is spinning around polls in two provinc­es (Punjab and Khy­ber Pakhtunkhwa], the present government suggested to the par­liament that the elec­tions in these provinces could create instability and chaos in the country.

“If the polls in two provinces are held separately then there will be instability and cha­os,” Minister for Interior Rana Sana Ullah remarked, in a hur­riedly called joint sitting of the parliament. Pakistan Teh­reek-e-Insaaf [PTI], repeat­ing its previous practice since the removal of Imran Khan as Prime Minister last year, once again boycotted the proceed­ings of the house. The former premier has demanded snap elections since he was ousted through a vote of confidence in April last year.

Initiating the debate from treasury benches, Rana Sana Ullah plainly sought opinion from the parliament about the fate of elections in the two provinces. He argued the re­percussions for conducting the polls in the system. The Minister was of the view that the April 30 set for conduct­ing polls was even beyond the constitutional limit of 90 days. Supporting the practice of con­ducting polls on the same day in the country, he said the elec­tions on the same day in all as­semblies would undoubtedly ensure a level-playing field for all. He feared that the winning party would definitely have an edge and influence on rest of the polls.

Without naming former prime minister Imran Khan, the minister also sought word from the parliament to check the attempts of creating an administrative crisis in the country. He said the country has been facing a political, ad­ministrative and judicial cri­sis orchestrated by one per­son and his violent mobs. The country has been facing this crisis by one party for the last ten years. He further blamed that he [Imran Khan] wants anarchy in the country. He further said the then estab­lishment [during 2018] had managed the polls in Imran Khan’s favour.

About Prime Minister Sheh­baz Sharif’s role to mitigate the crisis, he said the prime min­ister along with Bilawal Bhut­to had offered to talk on a char­ter of economy to stabilize the country. About the Zaman Park episode, he said unarmed police officials were attacked by vio­lent mobs of PTI, adding 68 po­licemen were injured.

He further elaborated that 316 people were arrested and will be presented to the an­ti-terrorism court. He said that police vans, motorbikes, and ci­vilian vehicles were burnt, and cases were registered for it.

The lawmakers from trea­sury benches, during the speech of the minister for in­terior, raised placards in the House and shouted loud slo­gans against former chief jus­tice of Pakistan Saqib Nisar. The chair asked the MNAs to avoid raising the slogans in the house. Taking part in the debate, MNA Khalid Magsi said that the government should take big decisions without hesitation or offer martial law in the country. “No need of giv­ing long argument. Now, this is a time to tell straightforward what you [government] want to do,” he said. The chair ad­journed the proceeding of the house till Monday.

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