Arshad Nadeem qualifies for World Athletics Championship final and Paris Olympics

BUDAPEST -Arshad Nadeem, the celebrated Com­monwealth Games gold medalist, has etched his name in the annals of athlet­ics history once again. On a remarkable Friday in Budapest, he not only clinched a place in the final showdown of the on­going World Athletics Championship but also booked his ticket to the Paris Olympics in 2024. 

The javelin virtuoso commenced the qualifying round with a roar, launching his first attempt with a throw span­ning an impressive 70.63 meters. His second endeavor was even more awe-inspiring, as the javelin soared to an astounding 81.53 meters. However, the automatic qualifying benchmarks stood at 83 meters for the imminent World Athletics Championship final and an elevated 85.50 meters for the prestigious Paris Olympics. 

In a heart-stopping moment, Arshad Nadeem took the field for his third and final attempt. With nerves of steel and determination blazing in his eyes, he unleashed a throw that defied expecta­tions, reaching a staggering distance of 86.79 meters. This monumental feat not only secured his position in the forth­coming World Athletics Championship final but also firmly punched his ticket to the grand stage of the Paris Olympics. 

In a display of camaraderie and ex­cellence, Arshad’s Indian counterpart Neeraj Chopra also stamped his author­ity on the competition. Neeraj soared to an astounding 88.77 meters in his first attempt, booking his own slots in both the World Athletics Championship final and the Paris Olympics. 

The runners-up position was claimed by Germany’s Julian Weber, whose best throw spanned an impressive 82.39 meters. India’s DP Manu showcased his prowess, securing the third spot in the final with throws measuring 78.10 me­ters, 81.31 meters, and 72.40 meters. Anticipation runs high as the World Ath­letics Championship final is slated to un­fold on Sunday, August 27. 

Sharing his views, Arshad Nadeem said: “I’ve battled injuries since 2016. It’s been a constant struggle, but I’m ready to face it head-on again in this year’s World Athletics Championships.” He passionately expressed his desire to bring pride to Pakistan, seeking the na­tion’s prayers and support. 

“Just as I marked my international resur­gence with the World Championships last year after the Tokyo Olympics, I am repli­cating that feat this year. Pain has been an unwavering companion in my journey. It lingers, but I conquer it. Presently, I have trained meticulously despite some stiff­ness in my legs. I am in good shape.” 

“I am not competing against anyone else; my competition is solely within myself. Last year, at the Commonwealth Games, I achieved 90.18 meters, and my aim is to surpass that performance here. I am feeling positive about my physical condition. With divine grace, I’m looking forward to an enjoyable experience in the final,” he stated optimistically.

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