At least 87 were rescued, and 32.88 tonnes of food were supplied to flood-affected people via 18 planes in the last 24 hours, the National Flood Response Coordination Center (NFRCC) reported.  

According to the NRFCC report southern and eastern parts of Sindh, eastern Balochistan, Kashmir, Upper Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) and Gilgit Baltistan, received heavy rainfall while the rest of the country faced hotter temperatures in the last 24 hours with Turbat experiencing the highest temperature with 42-degree celsius.

The NFRCC reported that no infrastructural damage was caused by rains in the last 24 hours. However, 12,418 km of roads and 390 bridges have been damaged due to floods amid heavy rainfall and floods in the country, they added.

Army Aviation helicopters have taken 516 flights for flood-relief operations rescuing 4570 stranded people, the NFRCC told. 87 people were rescued, and 32.88 tonnes of food was supplied using the Army Helicopters in the last 24 hours, it added.

A total of 147 relief camps, over 300 medical camps, and 278 relief collection points have been established across the country, NRFCC said. Over 1,25,506 people have been treated in the medical camps so far, and patients are being provided 5-day medicine, it added.

The NFRCC reported that over-collection points have received over 8281 tonnes of food items while 7940.6 tonnes of food items have been distributed in the country. In total 7.4 million medicine were collected while 7.2 million have been distributed among flood-affected people in the county, it added.

The coordination centre added that Turkey has sent over 4008 tonnes of food packets, 1000 children’s food packets, 460 tents, 2000 kitchen sets, 50 beddings, 50 boats, 1000 hygiene boxes, 2.63 tonnes of edibles, and 15.6 tonnes of medicine until now.

The United Arab Emirates has donated 31 tonnes of food items, 21,245 food packets, 1000 tents, 1000 beddings, 6.9 tonnes of medicine and 82.5 tonnes of dry ration. While northern neighbour China has donated  5,719 tents so far.

The NFRCC added that Belgium donated 300 tents, Japan donated 700 tents, and 306 bedding and Uzbekistan donated 25 tonnes of food items and 9 tonnes of bedding. Qatar donated 5 tonnes of medicine, 291 pillows, and 300 blankets, while the USA has donated over 14,460 kitchen sets, and 2880 plastic sheets, it added.

France has donated 204 tents, 208 kitchen sets, 422 medical boxes, 78 water pumps, 70 motor pumps and 1125 beddings to the country, the NFRCC reported.