Surgeons completed second session of Rizwana's plastic surgery

 In ongoing efforts to treat the victim of domestic violence, General Hospital Lahore surgeons successfully completed the second session of Rizwana's plastic surgery.

The medical board revealed that the girl's facial, head and back injuries have been cleaned, and standard creams have been applied to facilitate the surgery.

Rizwana's bandages will be changed daily after the cleaning process.

Led by Dr Romana Ikhlaq, a dedicated medical team is conducting a series of plastic surgeries, which is expected to span over one and a half months.

The final report of the plastic surgery procedure will be submitted to the caretaker health minister, Dr Javed Akram.

It is to be recalled that the Islamabad district and sessions court had earlier rejected the request of Somia Asim, the wife of a civil judge arrested in the Rizwana violence case۔