Police finalise security plan for Eid-ul-Azha

Rawalpindi   -  Rawalpindi district police have finalized a security plan for Eid ul Azha, and 3700 cops and traffic wardens will be deployed to provide security cover to the citizens.

According to a police spokesman, under a comprehensive plan devised on the special directives of City Police Officer Rawalpindi Syed Khalid Hamdani, tight security arrangements would be made for Eid-ul-Azha aimed at averting any untoward incident.  Over 700 traffic wardens would be on duty to ease traffic flow on city roads, he added. The security personnel would be deployed on 655 mosques and Imam Bargahs, Eid congregations, public places, and other important buildings to thwart any untoward incident, he said, adding that police officers had been directed to ensure patrolling in their respective areas. Walk-through gates and scanners would also be installed at the main Eid congregations for the safety of the citizens.

He said that more than 3000 police officials would be deployed to cover all important places, adding that police would remain on high alert during Eid days.

Police in-charges of all circles would ensure proper security arrangements at the Eid congregations, he said.

Special directives had also been passed on to all the relevant officers for effective security measures. 

Volunteers would also be deployed to Eid congregations. Special pickets were set up at all the entry and exit points of the city, he said, adding that, on the directive of the CPO, a special security plan was also formulated for Murree, and the leaves of police personnel had been canceled. City Traffic Police would also deploy maximum traffic wardens to regulate traffic in Murree during Eid ul Azha holidays, he added.

Rawalpindi district police, as per the vision of the Chief Minister Punjab and Inspector General of Police Punjab, would make all-out efforts to facilitate tourists and provide and maintain a safe and secure environment, he added.

The CPO had directed the senior police officers to visit Murree and supervise the security arrangements being finalized for Eid ul Azha, he said, adding that the CTO and SP Saddar would set up camp offices in Murree to monitor all arrangements.

Additionally, 21 special pickets were set up across the city to prevent one-wheeling, with more than 200 officers deployed for this task.

More than 130 officers would be deployed at parks and other public places, while over 260 officers would be on duty at cemeteries to ensure the safety of the visitors.

The security plan includes personnel from the police force, elite force, ladies police, dolphin force, and the security squad.

The patrolling police would carry out security duty on Chand Raat and during Eid days, the spokesman added.

SSP Operations, Flight Lieutenant (retd) Hafiz Kamran Asghar, said that all necessary measures were being taken to ensure foolproof security.

“The safety of the citizens is a top priority, and all available resources would be utilized for this purpose,” City Police Officer of Rawalpindi, Syed Khalid Mehmood Hamdani, emphasized.

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