Bilawal claims some senators of PTI, allies to vote for Bizenjo

Rich government members are in contact with our members and offering money but he can proudly say that they have refused their offers

KARACHI - Pakistan People’s Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has claimed that the lawmakers from Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf and its coalition partners are in touch with him and would likely vote for the joint opposition candidate Hasil Bizenjo in Senate chairman polls.

Terming Ghotki by-poll win for PPP candidate as setback for PTI during a presser at PPP Media Cell along with Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah and others on Wednesday, he said that it was a trailer and the next part would be of the Senate Chairman election for which they have nominated Hasil Bizenjo.

“I foresee his election as the chairman Senate,” he said adding that ultra rich government members are in contact with our members and offering money but he could proudly say that they had refused this offer.

Bilawal, however, said laughing that he would ask the entire Senate to take their money but vote for our candidate. “Their money will be a waste and on contrary we will not spend a single penny,” he said and further claimed that some members of the government would vote for their candidate as they know that Hasil Bizenjo will give due respect to Senate and would run affairs democratically and would not bow down before the government and the state.

“The change is necessary as Senate is the house of federation that safeguard the rights of every province and if there are compromises at that forum on 18th amendment and other issues pertaining to provinces’ rights then it would endanger the federation,” he said.

Speaking on PPP victory in Ghotki by-poll, the PPP chairman thanked people of Sindh especially of Ghotki for supporting their candidate and said that the seat was earlier with the selected- a term he uses for federal government- and now they have won it. “The government is deprived of its seat while they have improved their number by a seat in National Assembly,” he said and further not only attributed it as a victory of the PPP but also of the joint opposition.

“This is a gift from PPP to the joint opposition as the opposition has improved its number in the national assembly,” he said adding it was a message for puppet government and its supporters from people of the province that if they continue to support those pulling the strings from behind then they would face massive defeat at the hands of masses in the country.

“This is a message for bad eggs either in my party or the others that if you compromise on the wishes of the people or the 18th amendment and become a puppet then they will face a similar humiliating fate,” he said.  Bilawal said that the people of Sindh have always supported democracy and Benazir Bhutto and they would continue to do so.

Speaking on observing July 25 as black day, Bilawal said their democratic and human rights were violated on that day a year ago and the process has caused the masses to suffer from inflation and worst economic policies of the incumbent govt.

“I urge PPP supporters in Sindh to join gathering in Karachi, those in Balochistan should attend gathering in Quetta, in Punjab reach Lahore and in KPK, reach joint opposition protest in Peshawar,” he appealed saying that the country would be echoing with slogans of Say No to Selected government on July 25.

“I appeal poor, labour and farmer that you and your province is deprived of due rights and we are standing against it but alone we could do nothing unless they join us so that a strong message against the current policies is conveyed to Islamabad,” he said.

He said that the prime minister visited US and PPP despite its differences extended unconditional support to the government for engaging with the world. However, Bilawal said that it would have been better if he had visited as prime minister of the country and approached opposition for consultation before his visit.

In past political opponents have sit together for a national cause but unfortunately for the first time, the prime mister lamented his political opponents in a foreign country rather than speaking against anti-national elements.

He suggested that the government should not over promise with Nato and the United States as US has short term attitude in which when it is in mood to fight it says either you are with us or against us.

On one hand they ask us to disassociate from terror outfits and label us as their supporters and on the other hand when they are in talks, they ask us to use our influence on these terror groups, he warned.

Bilawal said that the selected leadership has no long term vision and agree to the international powers terms and assured to deliver to please them and in the process over commit.

Pakistan should not pretend that they could solve the issue in Afghanistan as the country faces several issues and in case of failure we could be used as a scapegoat, he said.

He said that they do not want to make any institution controversial but if they play their part in politics and economy then there would be controversy over it. The PPP chairman also condemned the censorship of the Maryam Nawaz’s presser pertaining to health issues of Nawaz Sharif on Wednesday and said that it was not only against the freedom of speech but also against humanity.


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