Attacking Embassies

The destruction of an Iranian consulate in Syria by an Israeli air strike is a significant change in the geopolitical dynamics of the Middle East and its relationship with Israel and the US. Not only is this act against international laws that protect the sanctity of em­bassies amidst war, but Israel has taken things one step further by de­nouncing openly through its actions that it does not abide by any laws.

Tensions have started to escalate between Israel and Iran. Israel is acting with impunity as it continues to show no respect to diplomat­ic missions and continues to defy the resolutions of the UN Security Council. The attack on the consulate reflects Israel’s severe violation of international norms.

Even during existential conflicts such as World War I & II, embassies and envoys were respected by warring parties under international law, however, with Israel’s destruction of the consulate in Damascus, not only is Israel disregarding international laws and policies, but it is also acting as a pariah state. This is not the first time that Israel has violated interna­tional laws. The Al-Shifa hospital was also destroyed by Israel and many patients were assassinated. These acts are carefully planned by Israel and reflect Israel’s deliberate attempts to undermine international laws.

Furthermore, by preventing humanitarian aid from entering Gaza, we have observed how Israel breaks laws in other territories as well. This pattern of law-breaking challenges the authority of internation­al institutions such as the UN Security Council. The attack on the con­sulate in Damascus further highlights how both Israel and the US are seeking to ignite larger regional conflicts between these actors and Iran and its allies. The lack of condemnation of the war on Gaza by the US underscores how it acquiesces with Israel. Despite all these allega­tions against Israel, the US continues to provide political, economic, and military support to Israel.

Moving forward, Israel must be held accountable for its actions. It must be reminded that it is not a state that holds any exception to the international laws. The role played by the US with its relentless sup­port for Israel is questionable and it is time for the international com­munity to raise their voices.

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