Adenovirus outbreak

Adenovirus, commonly known as conjunctivitis or pink eye, has become a widespread issue across Balochistan. This contagious dis­ease, caused by several viruses, poses a significant threat to human well-being. It presents with vari­ous symptoms, including eye pain, a burning sensation, excessive eye discharge, teary eyes, a sore throat, a runny nose, and occasionally fever, collectively referred to as eyefleet.

Much like the spread of corona­viruses, adenovirus is highly trans­missible, primarily through phys­ical contact and close proximity. Preventing the further spread of adenovirus involves adopting good hygiene practices, such as frequent handwashing and refraining from touching one’s eyes.

These measures are essential to keeping the virus under control. However, seeking medical guid­ance and adhering to the advice of healthcare professionals is par­amount. In conclusion, vigilant awareness and proactive care are crucial in managing this adenovi­rus outbreak in Balochistan.