Musical Exchange Program brings Pak, US artists together

ISLAMABAD  -  The rich tapestry of Pakistan’s musical heritage, interwoven with the vibrant melodies of American music, takes center stage this year as the U.S. Embas­sy proudly supports the FACE Music Mela Festival and a unique cultural exchange program.

DCM Andrew Schofer ex­pressed his pride in the col­laboration yesterday, stating, “The U.S. Embassy is honored to partner with local organiza­tions to promote Pakistan’s ex­traordinary musical heritage – and infuse it with American musical notes.” Through the U.S. Embassy-supported “ArtEngage” program, the aim is to preserve and blend the diverse musical traditions of Pakistan and the United States. This year, Ameri­can musicians Evan Hatfield, Bryce Lamar, and Lis Viegas have journeyed to Pakistan under this initiative, ready to engage with Pakistani artists through collab­orative performances.

“Support for the performing arts reflects the U.S. values of tol­erance and respect for diversity,” remarked DCM Andrew Schofer, emphasizing the program’s com­mitment to fostering cultural un­derstanding through music. 

This musical exchange pro­gram marks another chapter in a long history of cultural diplo­macy. Since the 1940s, the Unit­ed States has supported similar initiatives, sending American artists abroad and welcoming musicians from around the world to share their talents on American soil. “The power of music transcends geographic or political boundaries, creat­ing common ground for people around the world,” Schofer add­ed, highlighting the universal language that unites individuals across cultures.

As these talented musicians come together to blend their distinct sounds, the U.S.-funded exchange program not only cel­ebrates the artistry of music but also nurtures lasting bonds of friendship and understanding between the people of the Unit­ed States and Pakistan.

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