Artificial Intelligence: A Boon

The future of artificial intelligence (AI) is unwritten, yet it is revolutionizing the world smoothly. The drastic changes have been altering nations and transforming lives. In the past, accidents or escapades often resulted in spilled blood, and innovative actions were seldom taken. It was as if the bloodshed was futile. However, modern techniques have made it effortless to save lives, prevent trauma, and reduce health-related deaths and diseases by revamping the field of medicine.

Moreover, AI’s role in addressing economic hurdles is significant. For instance, personalized agricultural techniques, industrial usage of robots, and more are examples of this impact. A solar road installed in the parking area of a store in Sagamihara, for instance, generates power from the sun’s rays hitting the road.

Additionally, countries have started combating natural disasters such as sudden climate changes, icebergs, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and avalanches.

In conclusion, everything has flaws, but it is up to mankind to use it optimistically. As Nelson Mandela rightly said, “It is in our hands.” AI has its demerits, but humanity has the potential to use it for welfare rather than warfare.



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