Bid to tag Pakistan as arms supplier to Israel foiled

ISLAMABAD  -  An anti-Pakistan campaign has been busted by authorities, being carried out on social media by supporters of a political party on the issue of Gaza Israel war, which is clearly malicious against the country.

According to details and investigations, it has been established that a well organized and coordinated malicious propaganda against Pakistan was launched by few elements within Pakistan with claims that Pakistan was supplying weapons to Israel. In the campaign, baseless allegations were labelled against Pakistan that it was supplying weapons to Israel. During the investigations, which exposed this propaganda, it was also established that supporters of a political party were involved in dissemination of this propaganda using different social media platforms. Sources say that a fabricated story was created on social media about weapons were allegedly transported from Pakistan to Israel on a plane, which in fact was the flight from Bahrain to Rawalpindi and was part of the British evacuation plan of Afghan citizens to be relocated to United Kingdom. According to the details, the Indian media also picked the story from social media and started a malicious campaign against Pakistan. Contrary to the propaganda, in fact Pakistan has raised its strong voice on every diplomatic forum with strong condemnation of the Israeli aggression in Gaza. Pakistani Foreign Office has also adopted a very strong and bold stance in support of innocent people of Gaza against the Israeli aggression. Pakistan also supported the Palestinian cause in the UN Security Council meeting which finally led to the adoption of the resolution calling for humanitarian corridor for Gaza. Pakistan’s Army Chief General Asim Munir also expressed his strong support and voice for Gaza. In his recent meeting with religious scholars at GHQ, the army chief had called the Israeli atrocities in Gaza as a crime against humanity and called for immediate ceasefire. However, despite Pakistan’s stance, a misleading propaganda by Jews continues on social media, which was also supported by the workers of a political party in Pakistan. Analysts believe that anti-Pakistan elements can go to every extent against Pakistan to push forward the agenda of the enemy.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt