Growth Through Minerals

The Pakistani government’s proactive steps to attract investors under the Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC) are extremely promising. With an upcoming Pakistan Mineral Summit focusing on Reko Diq and other mineral projects, the abundant mineral resources of Pakistan will be highlighted, emphasising potential investment opportunities. The government aims to ensure careful extraction and trade, while also utilising a significant portion of the revenue to develop Balochistan and support community projects addressing various vital areas.
Pakistan possesses an array of mineral resources, making it an attractive destination for investors from around the world. The PMS, scheduled for August 1, will serve as a platform to showcase these opportunities, attracting investors from countries such as the UAE. This summit will play a crucial role in unveiling a new policy for mining and mineral exploration, maximising the potential of precious gemstones, marbles, and other minerals. With the establishment of small industrial units in Balochistan and an industrial zone in Gwadar, the government aims to foster value-added industries, creating a positive economic ripple effect.
Recognising the tangible benefits this can bring to Balochistan, the government has prioritised the utilisation of revenue for community projects. Initiatives in areas such as food security, environmental management, education, healthcare, water, and sanitation will uplift the lives of residents. Notably, Barrick Gold Corporation, spearheading the Reko Diq project, has committed to paying royalties to Balochistan and investing in priority projects related to water, education, and community development.
The SIFC is steering the country towards a path of economic growth and development. The government has already provided fiscal incentives to attract investors, including a 15-year tax exemption for the Reko Diq project. However, certain issues like the disbursement of funds and advance royalties need urgent resolution. Swift action in addressing these matters is crucial to maintain investor confidence and ensure the smooth progress of these projects. The upcoming Pakistan Mineral Summit, along with the government’s efforts to capitalise on mineral resources, hints at a future brimming with investment opportunities.

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