Food for thought

ISLAMABAD-If you say the name Ren Zhengfei in Pakistan, it will not ring any bell amongst the 24 million Pakistanis. However, if the same name is mentioned in China, 1.4 billion bells will not stop ringing. That is how well known the founder of Huawei Mr. Ren Zhengfei is to the Chinese people. The septuagenarian Chief Executive Officer of Huawei, mesmerized the audience participating from 25 different countries from four corners of the word including Singapore, Northern Eurasia, Latin America, China, Mexico and Central America and Europe at the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) Foundation ceremony in Shenzhen, China, the head office of Huawei. This conference was a vibrant show of cultural diversity where although one could draw dispersity amongst the participant on the bases of their appearances, body language or demeanor but one thing which was common amongst all the Gen-Z gathered under one roof was an amalgamation of “talent” in abundance at one place. It was simply contagious assembly of ambassadors of virtuoso minds.
  In his address, the technology wizkid cum entrepreneur, ticked all the right boxes giving an awakening call to the young champions, a road map to coaches and a vision to the President. The founder of Huawei offered unconditional support in all spheres, be it financial, technical, academic or professional to the young students. He did not leave behind any missed opportunity for the participants where his company will stand by if asked for. This unconditional generous offer coming from non-other than the CEO of Huawei injected an adrenaline rush of motivation and enthusiasm amongst the young minds who were left spell bound.
The concept of Fourth Industrial Revolution covered most of CEO Zhengfei’s futuristic approach as how technologies influence the youth. “It is massive and its scale is far beyond our imagination. Young people of today will become leaders of the era of computing power. Huawei is willing to work with academia to cultivate outstanding talent unconditionally without any bonding,” said 78 years old tech bellwether to the talented youth assembly.
Going one step further, CEO Ren also promised the audience that he will not limit his technical drive to equip the youth with only global software contest, but will expand it further to cover subjects like informatics, math, physic, and neural networks with the same offer. “The reason I am expanding the horizon is to create multiple channels where young people can work part time to earn their tuition fees. This way they become mature and grow faster practically and be more focused on their work rather working on odd jobs part time to finance their studies,” informed the mercurial leader and a visionary by making an open offer to the young blood attending the conference. 
It is true that the world is full of diverse talents, but there is a need to connect the dots by providing an intrinsic approach that fosters youth development. Huawei has been setting an example in identifying and developing talent pool by showcasing its unwavering support for increasing the proliferation.  Emphasizing on consequential nuggets of wisdom that can be quintessential to be the key, the founder said “teamwork is not only the basis for wining contests, but also the basis for survival. It drives greater prosperity for humanity leading to earning of cultural exchange. New technologies will create more jobs, more jobs will create more wealth and more wealth will create more opportunities to explore and experiment and eventually this will all lead to improving lives, enabling humanity to embark on a road towards affluence.” The company has also introduced an app “Chaspark” where students can contact and communicate with Huawei’s experts on the subjects that they desire to work on. 
It was interesting to note that although the company Huawei is a business organization where numbers take top priority, CEO Ren said on record, “we do not work to seek only profits. Huawei provides the world’s bright young brains facing technical challenges with both internships as well as research opportunities.”
The Tech giant offer the individuals’ access to Huawei’s device-edge-network-cloud platform and the chance to explore the fundamentals and front liners that are key to addressing top challenges on our expense.   Students who attended the forum, explore a treasure trove of new and innovative ideas, by getting involved in cultural exchange, serenaded with taste of different cuisine, travelling experience on a supersonic speed train and when they go back to your country, many of them will talk about it for a very long time but few of them will walk the talk as well and is the essence of the Huawei CEO’s speech.
There cannot be two opinions on the fact that motivation plays an indispensable role in reshaping learner’s behavior towards learning. God gifted talent, best teachers and best schooling augment the academic performance and student’s motivation is a prerequisite for students’ accomplishment. Pakistan is a rapidly growing country with 24 million population by birth and interestingly 60% of the 24 million falls under the age of 30 years, thus putting the name of the country in a densely youth populated list. Pakistan’s youth need to be driven in the right direction cashing on the opportunities such as laid down by the Founder of Huawei Mr. Ren Zhengfei. These motivational challenges are what Pakistani youth should be faced with. We should no be missing the forest for the trees. Pakistan needs to open doors for these young minds as education plays the role of leadership in the society. The functions of the educational institution are to develop these motivational and innovative minds in the right direction in all spheres be it physically, socially, psychology and technically. These efforts will result in improving and promoting the economic social and political life of our nation.
Until now the role of secondary and college education in Pakistan has been simply preparation for tertiary education which in a mind of most people mean university education strictly. All over the world, now universities are educating and guiding to work with big giants like Huawei, Apple, Samsung and its likes to put the creative minds to a meaningful purpose thus craving a close link between education and development. Our leaders too need to put these innovative technical minds with ideas and creativity into skilled manpower that is capable of steering   Pakistan’s economy towards the path of sustainability taking Mr. Ren Zhengfei’s prodigy speech as a food for thought.

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