Population peril

The recent estimated population is a matter of concern. If not re­solved, it will bring destructive con­sequences in the upcoming years. The most recent census stands at almost 250 million people. Pak­istan’s fertility rate is over three percent, 150 percent more than the world average. Annually, 2.2 million pregnancies are aborted due to lit­tle or no family planning. Only 34 percent of Pakistanis use contra­ception, significantly lower than other countries in our region.

Despite previous attempts, Paki­stan has failed to implement crit­ical rules to tackle the growing population. Urgent action is need­ed to prevent unwanted popula­tion growth. The country should spread awareness through pro­grams, especially in rural areas where people are less informed about family planning.

Additionally, prioritising accessi­ble and quality education is crucial to curb overpopulation. Educat­ing females, who can play a dras­tic role in controlling population growth, should be a top priority.



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