Butchers demand high fee for slaughter in Bahawalpur

BAHAWALPUR   -  Butchers have increased their fee to maximum level for slaughter of sacrificial animals on Eid day while a layman cannot pay such higher fee.

APP learnt on Sunday that butchers have increased their fee to incredible level. “I will charge Rs 7,000 for slaughter of goat and Rs 20,000 for slaughter of buffalo or cow,” Aslam, a butcher told APP here Sunday. When he was asked why he was charging higher fee while a layman was unable to pay so much money to a butcher due to sky-rocketing price hike then he laughed and replied, “You can conduct survey of market in Bahawalpur city where butchers have announced schedule of fee charging as Rs 10,000 for slaughter of goat and Rs 25,000 for slaughter of buffalo or cow”. The butchers have also said that they would charge Rs 30,000 to 35,000 for slaughter of camel on Eid day. They, however, said that on second and third day of Eidul Azha, they would charge lesser fee for slaughter of sacrificial animals.

PML-N leader pays tribute to Punjab CM

Former deputy mayor of Bahawalpur and senior leader of Pakistan Muslim League-N, Malik Munir Iqbal Channar, has paid rich tributes to Chief Minister of Punjab Maryam Nawaz, as she has introduced record development projects in a short time. In a press release issued here, he said, “Credit goes to Chief Minister of Punjab Mariam Nawaz for putting Punjab province on track of development. He said that it was Mariam Nawaz who introduced the Clinic on Wheels project to provide healthcare facilities to people in far-flung areas who, earlier, were deprived of getting immediate medical treatment due to the non-availability of medical services in their respective areas. “Vehicles of the Clinic on Wheels program are equipped with all necessary medical machinery, including ultrasound and a laboratory, in addition to the presence of doctors and paramedics, he said.

He added that Bahawalpur was one of the districts where the Chief Minister of Punjab herself inaugurated the Clinic on Wheels project.

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