On respect  

A leader is one who knows and shows the way to people and the community whether politically, religiously, or socially. For the progress of a faction, there must be a headman. A leader’s role is to devote his life to the well-being and prosperity of his people. He guides them toward their objective.

Political leaders starting from those who fought for freedom till the present working for the integrity of this country, many politicians served Pakistan and truly devote themselves to their people’s interests. Talking about the followers, they respect and act in accordance with the directions given by their concerned leader. Mostly supporters of political as well as religious leaders often follow them blindly without having the discernment of right and wrong. This extreme is not up to scratch.

What the forming fathers of this homeland taught us is to respect all the leaders of freedom irrespective of the fact that many Hindu leaders were against separation, but still for freedom from the British they were on the same page. On the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi in 1948, Quaid e azam and the Pakistan parliament showered praise on Gandhi. It is not just that Quaid praised Gandhi after his demise but he never speak ill about other politicians of that time.

Well, present Pakistani politicians too start praising their opponents after their expiration but never spoke a word of commendation when their opponents were alive. For instance, when Benazir Bhutto was alive she faced character assassination from their political rivals, the same are applauding her for her courage.

Never mind how political parties show their ethics as standard, but the respect for an opposite politician is never added to their moral values. The parties and their supporters consider it a core exercise to contempt other politicians even for their good acts.

If the politicians and their supporters start respecting other political leaders and praising their good actions by condemning them as opposition only on their imprecise actions, our political atmosphere would improve to a remarkable extent. The deserving appreciation and just opposition would direct our country’s politics in the right and balanced direction. Respecting each other would increase the politician’s esteem in public and would help to uplift the moral level of the nation and would give a positive image of Pakistani politics.



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