French concert enthrals Karachiites

KARACHI - A French Hunting Horns concert was held at a local hotel the other evening and it amused quite a large number of crowd. It was just for the sake of charity, as the collected amount of Rs 4.5 million has already been distributed for philanthropic activity. At the concert, as many as twenty-three different types of rhythmic horns were played. The French hunting horns is a brass instrument consisting of tubes and a flared bell. The hunting horns concert titled, 'Forest Forays was played at a local hotel; the horns which once served as a mean of communication in the armies of the distant past, were inducted in the orchestra in 1680, when it was played in the French Court of Louis XIV, the Sun King. Its also during the reign of his successor, his grandson Louis XV that the hunting horns were introduced in hunting. From symphonies like LAllegro, The First Air, La Gavotte and Le Menuet were played and in the second part the fanfare used during hunting. The players played Le lance, which is the beginning; La Royale after that when the dogs make the animal stand to be soon followed by a trio that is called Le chevreuil de Bourgogne or the roebuck of Burgundy, which includes La curee (The quarry) at the end of the hunt when an animal has been taken during the day, a ceremony is organised during the day, when offal is given to the dogs to eat. Next is La fete au chateau (The feast at the chateau) in the evening after the hunt the players have an opportunity to offer to the audience some compositions which rival the originals. Finally, lAmazone (The Amazon) reminds one of the complete day of hunting. In the third segment, the best was Le clocher dans le soir or the Church-tower in the evening. The bells resonate the calm atmosphere at the nearby Sea. In the fourth section, the best was Les souvenirs de Londres or the Memories of London. The memories of his visits by Hubert Heinrich to London, led to this beautiful composition and in the fifth and final section, Diane was played a composition dedicated by the lady pianist and her husband the lead player of French hunting horns for their eldest daughter. Diana, the goddess of hunting was remarkably tuned a left a piece of calm in body and soul.