One-sided match in Lahore’s NA-118

LAHORE   -  Nestled within the vibrant mosaic of Lahore’s political fabric, NA-118 emerges as a focal point resonating with tradition, heritage, and po­litical fervor.

Encompassing the historic Walled City and surround­ing neighborhoods, this constituency embodies the essence of Lahore’s cultural heritage and political legacy. 

NA-118 weaves through Lahore’s historic precincts, steeped in tradition and symbolism. The Walled City, with its labyrinthine streets and iconic landmarks, serves as the bastion of the PML-N, embodying a profound connection be­tween the party and the city’s historical fabric. The constituency’s age-old neighborhoods, teem­ing with life and culture, have long been the bed­rock of PML-N support, shaping Lahore’s political narrative for generations.

As the nation gears up for the upcoming elec­tions, NA-118 anticipates a spirited contest with former Punjab Chief Minister Hamza Shehbaz Sharif of the PML-N, Aliya Hamza of the PTI) and Shahid Abbas of the PPP vying for supremacy.

Like some other constituencies in Lahore, the electoral battle in NA-118 is most likely to end up as a one-sided contest as the outcome is heavi­ly skewed in favour of one candidate-Hamza Shah­baz Sharif- who holds a significant advantage in terms of public sentiment and resources leav­ing little doubt about the eventual outcome. Oth­er candidates with no visible election campaign so far seem struggling to make significant inroads.

Hamza Shahbaz, the scion of the Sharif dynas­ty seeks to reclaim NA-118, a constituency he tri­umphed during the 2018polls. His candidacy epit­omizes the PML-N’s determination to defend its stronghold and perpetuate its legacy of gover­nance and development.

Hamza defeated Mohammad Nauman Qaisar of the PTI with a substantial margin of over 65,000 votes. He remains a top contender this time too. He is actively engaged in a robust campaign with­in the constituency, garnering overwhelming sup­port from his loyal followers.