Empowering Your Child for the Classroom – Tips from a School Teacher 

As a school-teacher of many years, the best part of my routine was welcoming children to the classroom in the morning. I would often write individual messages of encouragement which they would find on their tables every day. And while most of them were excited, ready to start the day of learning at school, I could tell that there were always a few who did not enjoy coming in every morning. These were the children who would also struggle to perform well in classes.

Over the years, I have given parents tips on how they can make their children’s time at school more enjoyable, and therefore enable them to learn better. Good daily routines, some exercise, and nutritious lunch boxes – these factors played a huge role in making the child secure, confident and participate more at school. These are my tips on how you can make children enjoy time at school: 

Early to bed, Early to rise

It all starts with a good night’s sleep. Make sure your children follow a healthy sleep routine and get 8-10 hours of sleep each night. Make their mornings brighter with an enjoyable breakfast -  pancakes, boiled eggs cut into smiley faces, or bite-sized sandwiches, with a glass of milk is bound to give them a good start to their day. Take out the time for a relaxed breakfast with them where you share interesting stories, and have conversations to keep them engaged. TV, iPad or cellphone screens should not be open or accessible for them at this hour. 

A bit of exercise creates a big difference

Starting the day with a few jumping jacks, touching your toes, and fun yoga poses will help your children feel energetic and responsible about their health. Just a 5-minute exercise can do wonders in setting the mood for a lively start to the morning. This also creates an excellent bonding time between parents and children. 

Make their lunch box Nutritious yet fun

Children mostly feel drained and tend to lose focus in the classroom by break time at school. What they consume at this time can either re-fuel them for the rest of their classes or it can slow them down further. Therefore, it is important to give them a lunch box which gives them right nutrition. Adding fruits and vegetables, a sandwich or wrap, and a healthy drink will give them the right energy to resume their learning and performance inside the classroom as well as in after school extra-curriculars. Nowadays, many Flavoured Milk options like Olper’s are available which can act as a perfect complement to a lunch box. As Olper’s Flavoured Milk contains the goodness of milk with added vitamins and calcium, it can enhance the nutrition component of children’s lunch boxes. 

Let the children play 

Sports are important for the physical as well as mental well-being of children. Physical activities at school inculcate teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving skills in young children. Encourage your children to participate in after-school sports and contribute to their physical and mental development.

Keep your children (and yourself) punctual 

Punctuality is the key to building children’s confidence. Being late in the morning can rush them and make them nervous at the start of the day. It may also prevent you from forming a fun morning bonding routine with your children. Therefore, make an effort to be on time, even if it means having to wake up early. 

In the daily school academic race, we often forget to make the routine enjoyable for children. I hope that these small tips can help your children enjoy their time and become better and happier students throughout the day.