Army Chief meeting with businessmen: what happened?

ISLAMABAD    -    Earlier this week, a group of businesspeo­ple went from Lahore and Karachi to the gar­rison city of Rawalpin­di to meet with Army Chief General Syed Asim Munir. Addition­al information has emerged regarding this meeting.

The aircraft of Mu­hammad Ali Tabba transported five busi­nessmen from Karachi. Five additional busi­nesspeople from La­hore joined them. All of the businessmen flew from Lahore on Punjab CM Naqvi's plane, and Mohsin Naqvi oversaw all of the preparations. Businessman Gohar Ejaz was the second-most signifi­cant guy in the arrangements. As soon as they reached Islamabad, the businessmen met with Asif Ali Zardari, who told them that things would improve and that everyone understood the sit­uation would be severe when they assumed power a year ago. Zardari expressed similar upbeat sentiments later in the day in Vehari, and downplayed economic default. At the Army House meeting, businesses, no­tably from Karachi, expressed grave concerns about the econo­my and inquired as to when the elections would be held. They believed the elections would stabilise the country, which was facing tremendous polarisation at the time. The attendees delib­erated whether elections would bring stability to the country. The meeting lasted for three and a half hours, and the business­people were impressed by the Chief’s grasp of the Quran and his poise as he recited verses to express optimism that things will improve. Notwithstanding the obstacles, the Chief felt opti­mistic about the nation’s future. During the discussion, it was re­vealed that President Alvi had requested a meeting between the army chief and Imran Khan. The army leader rebuffed the proposal, emphasizing that the military should not be involved in politics. Gen. Asim is very clear that the current political stale­mate should be solved by the politicians themselves. Some businesspeople who used to in­teract with the previous Army Chief, General Qamar Javed Ba­jwa, said that the current Army Chief, General Asim, was hum­ble and easy to talk to, while the previous Army Chief, Bajwa, was overbearing and conniving.