PFL’s ‘Football 4 Hope’ kicks off with distribution of 100,000 footballs

LAHORE   -   The Pakistan Football League (PFL) has embarked on an ambitious initiative, ‘Football 4 Hope’, distributing 100,000 high-quality footballs to young and talented children across Pakistan.

Farhan Ahmed Junejo, Chairman of PFL, announced the campaign, emphasizing its goal of fostering hope and unity through football. “In just the past three days, we’ve distributed over 10,000 footballs across various cities. In Lyari, Karachi alone, more than 2,500 footballs have been given to eager young players,” he said. “Our motto is simple: one ball, one smile. We are spreading joy and hope with each football we distribute.”

PFL’s ‘Football 4 Hope’ initiative is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program aimed at using football to drive social development in Pakistan. The initiative plans to engage all four provinces to promote national unity and offer hope to children who have been deprived of opportunities in sports.

“Football 4 Hope aims to unify Pakistan and provide brighter futures for children, steering them away from societal challenges,” Junejo explained. “Whether it’s impromptu games in slums, mountain-top matches, or school and academy competitions, football instills confidence and pride, promoting unity across the nation.”

Junejo further said: “Our goals include promoting education, conflict resolution, gender equality, social integration, inclusion of children with disabilities, peacebuilding, youth leadership, teamwork, and life skills,” he said. The PFL chairman, who led the inauguration of the league in Lahore on June 4, assured that more footballs would be distributed beyond the initial 100,000.

“For the first time, footballs used in the World Cup, each costing a dollar, are being distributed to all segments of Pakistani society under our ‘One Ball One Smile’ campaign, without any discrimination,” he said.

“Pakistan, a nation of 250 million, has many underprivileged children who deserve hope and opportunities to develop their football skills and secure their livelihoods. “Football’s universal appeal makes it a powerful tool for social engagement, health promotion, and gender equality initiatives,” the PFL chairman added.

“We aim to integrate football with drug rehabilitation and HIV/AIDS awareness programs, promoting a healthy sporting environment using modern sports science methodologies. Additionally, our franchise network will ensure football access for all, with facilities and academies nurturing young talent to compete in a competitive league,” he asserted.

The initiative will also see football-based educational activities integrated into school curricula, fostering learning and development for underprivileged students. “From spontaneous games in slums to organized competitions, football will bring confidence, pride, and unity to our nation,” Junejo concluded.