Saving lives, property of public top priority of police: SP Dolphin

ISLAMABAD    -  SP Dol­phin Kazim Naqvi on Thursday said that the Islamabad Police is committed to resolve public issues on priori­ty. He said this while lis­tening to the complaints and issues of the public during the open court held at his office. Other police officers were also present on this oc­casion. He listened to the complaints of the citizens and marked their applications to the concerned officers for timely action on merit. He also directed them to send reports to his office in the given time frame. He further said that strict action will be taken against officials involved in bribery or corruption and a zero tolerance policy will be adopted in this regard. He emphasized that Is­lamabad Police would not leave any stone unturned to secure the lives and property of the citizens. “Such interaction would be continued in future to provide maximum re­lief to the citizens,” he added. He said that in­teraction during “open court” would help to promote friendly polic­ing and will also ensure self-accountability, im­mediate resolution of citizens’ problems. The protection of life, prop­erty and self-respect of citizens comes first, he maintained. On the special directions of IG Islamabad Syed Ali Na­sir Rizvi, the officers of Operations Division are conducting open courts on a daily basis.