37 power pilferers arrested, 238 FIRs registered in LESCO region

LAHORE  -  On the 20th day of an anti-power theft operation, Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) has got arrested 37electricity thieves by the police and de­tected pilferage on 490 connections in all its work circles, the company’s spokesman confirmed to media here Tuesday.

He added that FIR applications against all the electricity thieves had been submitted in the re­spective police stations, out of which, 238 FIRs had been registered while 37 accused had been arrested. Among detected connections, 02 was ag­ricultural, 28 were commercial and 460 domestic 

categories and supply to all of them had been disconnected, he said, asserting that all the elec­tricity pilferers had also been charged a total of 873,697 detection units worth Rs 41.049 million.

Sharing further details, the spokesman said that Rs 01 million were charged as a detection bill to a domestic connection in Sheikhupura Bazaar; de­tection bill amounting to Rs 500,000 to another domestic customer pilfering electricity in Ichhra area Ferozpur Road; Rs 350,000 detection bill to a domestic customer in Ladhake village; and Rs 300,000 detection bill to a customer on Ravi Road.

The spokesman mentioned that during 20 days of anti-power theft operations, the LESCO has got registered 6,840 FIRs against power pilferers, while 595 accused had been arrested. 

He added that all the electricity pilferers had so far been charged an accumulative bill of Rs 825.272 million against 18,516,296 detection units. It should be noted that operations against electricity thieves were being conducted as per the instructions of the Ministry of Energy (Power Division) and the LESCO Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Engineer Shahid Haider is personally super­vising these operations. Engineer Shahid Haider vowed that indiscriminate operations would con­tinue till the complete end of electricity theft. Dur­ing the operation, the electricity thieves as well as the LESCO officers and employees who patronize them were also being brought to justice.

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