Senate will dissolve automatically if Punjab, KP polls not held within 90 days, claims Babar

Ishaq Dar's policies destroyed the country: PTI leader n Ruling coalition wants to escape from elections: Fawad

LAHORE’/ISLAMABAD     -    “If elections are not held in 90 days, the Senate of Pakistan will dissolve,” says Pakistan Tehreek- e-Insaf leader and legal expert Babar Awan. Babar Awan expressed these views while holding a press conference along with other party leaders including Senator Ejaz Ahmed Chaudhry and Musarat Jamshed Cheema at Jail Road party office here on Saturday.

PTI leader said, Senate of Pakistan is formed from the voting of provincial assemblies, if the provincial elections are not held within 90 days, then the Senate of Pakistan will dissolve automatically.

Awan further maintained that, for the first time in the country, people are dyingwhile standing in long queuesin pursuit for flour and ration, but the Sharif family is using their arrogance with full force, Ishaq Dar's policies has destroyed the country, he added.

Commenting on ECP Awan said, fraud done by Election Commission is apparent to everyone, adding IG Punjab himself was involved in the violation of human rights.

The legal expert said elections were held in even far more worse situations in the past adding the constitution was suspended at the time of Zia-ul-Haq's accident, while emergency was imposed at the time of Benazir's martyrdom during Musharraf's tenure, these aforementioned

situations cannot be compared to today’s situations, we will not let anyone suspend the constitution, he added.

The PTI leader further said that the lawyers of Pakistan have decided that they will fight for the supremacy of the Constitution. Nawaz Sharif should tell the nation where is the receipt of the palaces in which he lives, he should show the money trail of these apartments. Awan challenged former prime minister Nawaz Sharif to appear before the courts without taking NRO adding if the constitution besides house of federation gets broken, does Nawaz Sharif has the expertise to reestablish the constitution?, he asked.

Awan maintained that, the elections will be held on time despite the dirty tactics of defeated group of PDM.The one living in London calls Imran Khan who lives in Zaman Park, a coward while portraying himself brave, he added.

PTI leader Dr. Babar Awan further said that the action replay of 1997 in Pakistan was currently being done by the PML-N. Despite continuous accusations against the Supreme Court, the court did not take contempt of court action, he said. Adding to this he said, I hope the people of Pakistan and lawyers will standing for the supremacy of the constitution, adding Nawaz Sharif will use all tactics to win the ongoing war. Two fugitives of Pakistan are residing in London. One of those fugitive has killed people of Pakistan, whose trial is yet to be done, while the brother of another fugitive has killed people during the distribution of flour in Pakistan, they used to say that if Ishaq Dar comes, the dollar will come down, the flour that is being distributed is not good for human health, he added.

PTI leader Dr. Babar Awan said that Punjab was the food basket of Asia but now people are dying here too, this is a terrible result for the people, in the form of inflation and unemployment.People with paid content are saying where is it written to hold elections in 90 days?

Mujibur Rahman used to say that he won 191 seats out of 300 seats butwe did not accept his majority, we eliminated his majority through political engineering which resulted in fall of Dhaka.

The PTI leader said that trade has been initiated with Israel, whose decision was it, is it the decision of the foreign ministry or the decision taken behind the closed doors, trade with Israel is a betrayal with the cause of Palestinian people. The leaders of the PDM used to say that Imran Khan was a Jewish agent. If the trade did not take place, then those people who claimed that the container went to Israel should be arrested, he said.

The delegation that went to Israel should also be arrested, he demanded. Maintaining this he added, the lawyers have decided to abide by the constitution. They will support the law and the constitution, he said.

The people of frying pans and irons are also saying that they will hold a convention of government lawyers, he said. Nawaz Sharif, the fugitive convict, asks the judiciary to tell him if there were so many judges or not, the court should not take notice of it, he added.

Meanwhile, the opposition Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on Saturday claimed that the ruling coalition wanted to escape from the elections by creating an “unnecessary” controversy on the composition of the apex court bench hearing the matter of postponement of polls in Punjab.

The coalition government wanted to entrap the nation in the futile discussion of benches and judges only to evade the conduct of election in two provincial assemblies within the constitutional limit of 90 days, said senior PTI leader Fawad Chaudhry. His remarks came after Pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz (PML-N) led ruling alliance expressed its no confidence in the three-member Supreme Court bench, headed by Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Umar Ata Bandial, hearing PTI pea against the decision of Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) postponing elections to the Punjab Assembly till October 8.

Chaudhry alleged that the government was targeting the judges through audio leaks and was stopping the Supreme Court from performing its constitutional duties by objecting to the composition of the bench. They have also tried to use the parliament to create hurdles in the way of the apex court, he added.

PTI Secretary General Asad Umar also accused that the ruling PML-N did not have any issue with the composition of the bench.

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