Unity Plantations (Pvt) Ltd, Green Corporate Initiative (Pvt) Ltd Join hands to revolutionise Pakistan’s agriculture sector

KARACHI-Unity Plantations (Private) Limited (a wholly owned subsidiary of Sunridge Foods (Private) Limited, which in turn is a wholly owned subsidiary of Unity Foods Limited, hereinafter collectively referred to as Unity Group) and Green Corporate Initiative (Private) Limited are proud to announce a groundbreaking Master Collaboration Agreement that is set to reshape Pakistan’s agriculture and livestock sector, bolstering food security and promoting sustainable development.
This strategic partnership is dedicated to addressing critical challenges within Pakistan’s agricultural landscape, with a sharp focus on enhancing food security, reducing reliance on imports, elevating seed productivity, preserving the nation’s rich biodiversity by establishing a complete eco system and developing integrated supply chain within and outside Pakistan.
Unity Group will be leveraging modern technologies, international networks, technical prowess, its existing state of the art processing facilities, and substantial financial resources for spearheading efforts to cultivate corporate farms and livestock. This ambitious endeavour will encompass a minimum of 75,000 acres of designated land, and utilisation of the produce by establishing and further enhancing the operations of its processing facilities and related infrastructure to enrich the value of agricultural and livestock products.
Mr Amir Shehzad, the Executive Director of Unity Foods, expressed his enthusiasm for this transformative partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to embark on this significant collaboration with Green Corporate Initiative, which will play a pivotal role in strengthening food security and advancing sustainable agriculture in Pakistan. Unity Group is fully committed to being at the forefront of this transformative journey.”

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