Best medical facilities to be provided during Muharram: Sukkur mayor

SUKKUR    -   Sukkur Mayor Barrister Arsalan Shaikh on Monday has directed to provide the best medical facilities for the processions during Muharram.

The mayor said that special arrangements will be made for medical facilities on 9th and 10th Muharram and beds will be allocated in government teaching hospitals. Duty roster of indoor, operation theaters and pharmacies should be issued and paramedical staff including medical, nursing, paramedical and support staff will perform 24-hour duties in all government teaching hospitals.

He further added that the availability of medicines, vaccines, IV fluids, surgical and non-surgical disposables and blood bags will be ensured in government teaching hospitals during Muharram.

Operation theaters of all government teaching hospitals will be fully operational and ambulances with trained staff will also be available in the hospitals.

KMCH to remain on high alert during Muharram: AMS

Additional Medical Supranational, Khairpur Medical College Hopital (KMCH), Dr Syed Najaf Ali Shah has said the district headquarters hospital would be on high alert on 6th, 8th, 9th and 10th of Muharram-ul-Haram to provide medical cover to public and to deal with any bigger emergency if needed. Talking to media here on Monday, he said that he himself would monitor working of the staff during Muharram holidays and it has been ensured that every patient would be accommodated as per requirement.

Special arrangements have already been made at filter clinics and emergency department to accommodate patients reaching the hospital.

Dr Najaf Ali Shah that it has been decided that senior level officials including directors would remain present within the premises of the hospital during Muharram holidays while a good number of beds have already been reserved for any emergency. He added that heads of all departments including medicine, surgery, neurosurgery, orthopaedics and general surgery would monitor working in their respective departments during Muharram holidays and would remain on call.

Till 10th of Muharram, he said that the surgeons, neurosurgeons, anaesthetists and specialists would remain on duty at the allied hospitals while all the ambulances available at the teaching hospitals would be ready to operate immediately in case of any emergency.

The AMS Shah further said that under the disaster management plan, the emergency departments of the teaching hospitals have been equipped with necessary medicines to deal with any unpleasant incident.

DC urges masses to maintain peace during Muharram

Khairpur Deputy Commissioner (DC) Syed Ahmed Fawad on Monday urged the religious scholars, traders, and citizens to support the district administration’s efforts.

During his visit to different routes of procession in the city, the deputy commissioner praised the community’s past efforts in maintaining peace and order during the holy month and emphasised the need for continued cooperation.

He highlighted the importance of adhering to the schedule, respecting the sanctity of mosques and pulpits, and avoiding sectarian speeches to prevent any untoward incidents. He also stressed the necessity for religious scholars and traders from all sects to respect the law and collaborate with the administration.

On the occasion, representatives from the traders expressed their views and assured their full cooperation in maintaining peace and order during the holy month.

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