Consumers perturbed as tomato, chicken prices reach record high in KP

PESHAWAR  -  Price of tomatoes have reached re­cord high in the provincial capi­tal and other areas of Khyber Pa­khtunkhwa province as the stable food is priced Rs450 to Rs500 per kilogram in various areas.

People are concerned at the un­precedented inflationary trends in recent weeks and months. The chicken is currently being sold at an exorbitant price of around Rs500 per kg, while tomatoes are priced at Rs450 per kg.

Criticism is directed towards the district administration for its fail­ure to control the prices of essen­tial commodities. Following Eid-ul-Fitr, there has been a significant surge in the prices of almost all vegetables and chicken, reaching record highs.

Prior to Eid, the price of chick­en stood at around Rs460 (Alive) per kg, but it has now escalated to highest-ever price of Rs510 per kg.

A poultry trader in Peshawar said that the chicken feed had got expensive, while many birds also perish sometimes, which is why their prices have increased. 

A vegetable trader in Peshawar city, Abdul Rehman, said that a major reason behind the surge in the price was the shortage of the commodity in the market.

“Today while I was purchas­ing tomatoes, I saw only two trucks had arrived at the vegeta­ble market. Normally, there are more than two truckloads daily,” he added.

He also said that onions are be­ing sold at Rs300 per kilogram due to shortage of the commodity.

Several customers decried the authorities for failing to control the prices. Some even said that prices of tomatoes and onions had even surpassed those of some fresh fruits.

It merits a mention here that to­matoes and onions are part of al­most all meals and are considered the staple food. This is why their hiking prices affect all segments of society.

A trader Ghulam Raziq, the pro­prietor of Ghulam Raziq Commis­sion Agents at Peshawar’s Vegeta­ble Market, told The Nation that the reason behind the surge in prices of onion was that it is being imported from overseas while the tomato price was also higher be­cause of Eid holidays.

“Tomatoes are currently brought to KP from Sindh province. Now that Eid has passed, traders may bring truckloads to KP and the price of tomatoes may plum­met within the next two days,” he claimed.

However, he added that onions prices may continue in the same level since these are imported nowadays.

“Vegetables are harvested in summer season in KP province. Prices of all vegetables will de­crease in summers in KP,” he added.