Dossier on Indian involvement in terrorist activities in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD            -         Following is the dossier on Indian involvement in terrorist activities in Pakistan. In a deadly terrorist attack in a peaceful neighbourhood of Lahore, Pakistan on 23 June 2021, three innocent people lost their lives and over 24 were critically injured. The Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) immediately launched investigations that led to the terrorists who had used a Vehicle Born Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED) for the blast. A deeper investigation led the LEAs to a network of facilitators, financiers, abettors and ultimately masterminds of the deadly terrorist attack. The first layer of 5 terrorists were convicted by Anti-Terrorism Court on 12 January 2022. The international terrorist network unearthed by LEAs revealed that the facilitators, abettors, and financiers of the terrorist incident had used various regional and Middle Eastern countries to plan and execute the terrorist attack. The masterminds of Johar Town terrorist attack were finally identified and traced to be from India, supported, financed, and controlled by Indian Intelligence Agency RAW (Research and Analysis Wing). Investigations revealed that RAW provided US $ 0.875 million to organize a vast network of terrorists belonging to India, Afghanistan, and a few from Pakistan to successfully execute this terrorist attack. RAW’s support included provision of finances, logistical support, recruitment & training, and supervision of the attack at every step, which has been fully documented and is substantiated by facts and cogent forensic evidence. The Dossier by far presents most comprehensive and evidence-based account of a dangerous terrorism plot that was executed by India’s nefarious terrorism network in Pakistan with its tentacles in a number of countries. All pieces of evidence in the Dossier have been diligently examined by counter-terrorism experts, judicial authorities, law enforcement personnel, security experts and stood toughest judicial scrutiny leading to conviction of all involved characters arrested in first phase, because all pieces of evidence were forensically certified by professional agencies. This Dossier provides irrefutable and undeniable evidence of Indian state’s direct involvement in running a terrorism network in Pakistan and using terrorist proxies to advance its foreign policy agenda against Pakistan.

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