Punjab Assembly adopts local govt bill amid protest from opp

PA session continues for over 3 months

PA session adjourned again for 13 days

LAHORE    -   There is no end to the 41st session of the Punjab Assembly which is continu-ing with intervals for the last 93 days. 

Speaker Muhammad Sabtain Khan adjourned the Assembly session for 13 days on Wednesday, the second longest break in the current session.    

The 41st session of the Punjab Assembly was called on June 15 on the rrequi-sition of the Opposition which has not come to an end even after 93 days. 

The Assembly will resume its next sitting on 28th September after a break of 13 days. The assembly will be considered to be in session even during these days and rules allow the Assembly employees and the MPAs to get payments even for the off days. 

One assembly sitting costs the exchequer around 10 million rupees. Also, the Punjab Assembly passed the Punjab Local Government Bill, 2022 with majority vote. Copy of the draft bill was not provided to the reporters cov-ering the Assembly proceedings. 

When the Punjab Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Muhammad Basharat Raja moved the bill, the Opposition pointed out lack of quorum, but the Speaker did not pay heed to it. The opposition members walked out of the house in protest. 

The annual performance report of Road Authority Punjab was also presented in the House. After completing the agenda, the speaker adjourned the sitting till 28th September 2022, (Wednesday), at 3pm.