Imran fears ban on PTI, jail for wife

PTI chairman confirms Dr Yasmin, his sisters’ presence at Jinnah House amid protests n Asks supporters to get ready for massive protests n LHC grants Bushra Bibi protective bail in Al-Qadir Trust corruption case.


LAHORE/ISLAMABAD    -   Pakistan Tehreek-e-In­saf (PTI) Chairman Im­ran Khan Monday re­leased ‘video evidence’ regarding vandal­ism and riots on May 9, claiming that it was clear from the videos as to who were plan­ning to create anarchy and who were trying to avoid riots and extin­guish the fire. 

In the purported vid­eos shared by the PTI chairman on his twit­ter handle, Central Pun­jab President Dr Yas­min Rashid and his sisters could clearly be heard telling the pro­testers not to harm Jin­nah House.

Imran Khan said: “Clearly this was all staged by those who wanted to use this as a pretext to further crack­down on the PTI and put to jail the party workers and senior leadership along with him The PTI chairman said that they had done all this to hon­our the assurances given to Nawaz Sharif under the Lon­don plan. “We have ample amount of evidence to pres­ent to any independent inqui­ry that the arson and in some places shootings were done by agencies men who wanted to cause mayhem and blame it on PTI so the current crack­down would be justified,” the PTI chief said. In a series of tweets, Imran also said. “So now the complete London plan is out. Using pretext of vi­olence while I was inside the jail, they have assumed the role of judge, jury and execu­tioner. The Plan now is to hu­miliate me by putting Bushra begum in jail, and using some sedition law to keep me inside for next ten years.”

“Our Central Punjab Pres­ident Dr Yasmin Rashid and my sisters clearly telling the protesters not to harm Jin­nah house. Clearly this was all stage managed by those who wanted to use this as a pre­text to further crackdown on PTI , jail our workers and se­nior leadership along with me so that the assurances given to NS in the London plan could be honoured.”

Also, PTI chief claims over 7,000 party workers, lead­ers jailed with a plan to ban the party. PTI chief on Mon­day lashed out at the ruling alliance in the centre for its alleged ongoing drive of de­taining party leadership, wom­en and workers with a plan to ban the largest and only feder­al party in Pakistan.

In a strong reaction over the arrest of party leadership and its supporters, PTI Chairman Imran Khan urged the nation to be ready for a massive but peaceful protest.

In a statement, Imran Khan said that without any investi­gation into who was respon­sible for the arson incidents on government buildings or dozens of deaths of unarmed protesters by bullet wounds, around 7000 PTI workers, leadership and our women have been jailed with a plan to ban their party.

He alleged that the activists and workers of the parties in the Pakistan Democratic Move­ment (PDM) were being facil­itated by the security agen­cies to take over the Supreme Court (SC) and subvert the con­stitution. He urged that all citi­zens must be ready for peaceful protests as once the Constitu­tion and SC were destroyed, it would be the end of the new Pakistan dream.

Meanwhile, PTI central leader Dr. Iftikhar Durrani claimed that the notorious ‘London Plan’ has entered into its final phase, as the present ruling alliance has decided to ban PTI and impris­on its Chairman Imran Khan.

In his special video message, the PTI leader said the ruling coalition was playing itself the role of judges, judiciary and ex­ecutioners.

Dr. Durrani while referring to JUI-F activists said that the entire nation witnessed the scenes as how the private mi­litia men were facilitated to enter the Red Zone of Islam­abad despite imposition of Section 144 of Code of Crim­inal Procedure in the federal capital.

Contrary to it, he stated that when PTI announced to stage a peaceful protest, Section 144 was imposed in Islam­abad, Punjab and Khyber Pa­khtunkhwa.

He stated that PTI peace­ful protestors were welcomed with bullets and batons while the “armed private militia men” were welcomed with shower­ing rose petals.

He said that the constitution remained suspended, as all its clauses were revoked be­cause even there was no per­sonal liberty. Durrani urged Pakistanis that despite such a critical condition, they should remain peaceful and should stand by the Constitution come what may.

Meanwhile, the Lahore High Court (LHC) on Monday granted protective bail to Bushra Bibi, wife of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan, in Al Qadir Trust case, till May 23.

A division bench, comprising Justice Syed Shahbaz Ali Rizvi and Justice Shakil Ahmad, heard the petition, filed by Bushra Bibi for protective bail.

She appeared before the bench along with Imran Khan during the proceedings to avail the relief of protective bail.

The National Accountabili­ty Bureau had arrested Imran Khan in the same case on May 9, and now he was on bail in the matter.

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