Child protection during disasters and emergencies is a global challenge

LAHORE  -  In the lead-up to the 13th National Child Rights Conference, Dr. Asif Channer, a distinguished expert in Di­saster and Emergency Management, Public Health, Psychology, Criminol­ogy, and International Relations, pre­sented a groundbreaking paper titled “Child Protection during Disasters and Emergencies.” The conference, which convened from September 15 to 17, 2023, in Lahore, served as a vi­tal platform for prominent scholars, policymakers, senior government of­ficials, legal experts, and internation­al participants to engage in discus­sions on pressing child rights issues.

Dr. Channer’s insightful paper delved deeply into the unique vulnerabilities and challenges that children encounter during disasters and emergencies. He provided proactive solutions and em­phasized the critical need for dedicated child protection policies and practices. In a world where climate change and geopolitical tensions are amplifying the frequency and severity of such events, the subject of child protection takes on paramount importance.

The invaluable exchange of knowl­edge and experiences during the con­ference highlighted the collective com­mitment to fostering a safer and more secure environment for children, transcending geographical boundar­ies and disciplinary boundaries.

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