KP faces two-thirds of all terror incidents: IGP

Akhtar Hayat Khan says police force has been revamped in IT and infrastructure to combat terrorism and restore public trust

Peshawar   -  Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province has suffered the highest number of terrorist attacks compared to other provinces, as around two-thirds of all terrorism incidents occurred in the province, which is why the KP police have taken several measures to maintain order.

“A multi-layered security mechanism has been implemented in the red zone, having the residences of Governor, Chief Minister and police installations. These measures include face detection/recognition cameras, ANPR, E-Tag readers, Pop-up barriers, and Turnstile gates,” IGP Akhtar Hayat Khan told The Nation.

He said that approximately 70% of terrorist attacks target police personnel and this year, 154 cops were martyred, compared to 63 deaths last year, while the police lines mosque bombing in January had contributed to a higher number of casualties.

The official said that the AIbased system would mature over time, allowing identification and blacklisting of unwanted individuals through face recognition cameras in red zone in the future.

He said that while the red zone was being monitored through CCTV cameras, a plan is afoot to ensure a comprehensive CCTV coverage for the old walled city, Industrial Estate, and Red Zone extension areas.

Discussing the police infrastructure fortification, the KP’s top cop said that police stations lacked basic security features, which is why Rs269 million were allocated for infrastructure strengthening.

“Thermal imaging cameras are being installed in vulnerable police posts and police stations while thermal imaging technology has also been adopted to counteract terrorist intentions,” he added.

He said that durable armoured personnel vehicles (APVs) and armoured personnel carriers (APCs) have also been deployed for safe troop transportation while surveillance drones with long-range capabilities and high-resolution thermal imaging have been procured to monitor militant ingress routes in mountainous terrain.

“On the international level too, we are collaborating with INL, EU, USA ID, and AUSA ID, which has enhanced the police capabilities. Under such collaboration, our force has got APVs and APCs for troop transportation in volatile districts,” he added.

He further said that KP police structure had been revamped, with the creation of new positions such as DIG Welfare, DIG Legal, and DIG IT at the Central Police Office level. “Welfare activities are seen by the DIG Welfare, DIG Legal position was introduced to improve liaison with superior courts and DIG IT monitors IT-related initiatives and user- friendly apps,” the IGP said.

About the welfare activities, he said the Army Chief and Air Chief had granted Rs100 million each for police personnel’s welfare while 40% of traffic fines have also been allocated for the welfare, which includes stipends for widows and bridal gifts, among other initiatives, for daughters of police personnel.

Also, he said KP police website had been updated for better user accessibility recently. A mobile App called “Jawan” was set up to facilitate the personnel’s communication with the police chief while “Police Dost” App enables public assistance in fighting crime and reporting suspicious activities.

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