Event on ‘Tech Call 2024’ attracts diverse audience

Haripur   -  The District Youth Office Haripur and Jinnah Jam-e-School & College, in collaboration with Metrix Pakistan on Saturday hosted a one-day event on ‘Tech Call 2024’ which attracted a diverse audience and featured keynote speeches.

Hassan Nisar, the founder & Chief Executive Officer of Metrix Pakistan, delivered a compelling keynote on the safe, secure and responsible use of cyberspace. He emphasised the importance of productive engagement with social media and digital platforms, showcasing Metrix Pakistan’s social media account as a prime example, which has amassed over 100,000 followers by sharing valuable content. Nisar stressed the significance of digital literacy, online safety, and ethical social media practices, encouraging young people to become responsible digital citizens.

Farhad Ullah, the District Youth Officer Haripur, commended the organisers for the event’s success and reiterated the Directorate of Youth Affairs, government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s dedication to supporting student-led initiatives. He highlighted the need for innovation, entrepreneurship, skill development, and capacity building in the digital era, praising the collaboration between the District Youth Office, Jinnah Jam-e-School & College, and Metrix Pakistan as a model of public-private partnership for youth empowerment and development.

Ammad Ali, founder & CEO of RankingGrow, spoke on freelancing and emerging technologies, emphasising the need for the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region to adopt best practices. He also announced that his company offers free training to students.

Other notable speakers included Ubaid Ullah Yousafzai (Ubaid Businesswala) and Muskan Khan, founder & CEO of NM Technologies, who stressed the importance of gaining practical experience.

Event organiser Raeesa Malik expressed gratitude to the speakers for their contributions.

The event also saw attendance from notable figures such as the founder of Jinnah Jam-e-School & College and renowned event host Syeda Adan Gillani.

‘Tech Call 2024’ aimed to inspire youth and provide them with essential knowledge on safe cyberspace usage, freelancing, and emerging technologies. The event’s success was a testament to the effective collaboration between the District Youth Office Haripur, Jinnah Jam-e-School & College, and Metrix Pakistan.

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