Shifa International Hospital organizes seminar on leukemia awareness

ISLAMABAD-Shifa International Hospital organized a seminar on leukemia awareness titled “Spotlight on Leukemia Diagnosis and Management” at Marriott Hotel in Islamabad. 
   This was part of the ongoing blood cancer awareness month activities. September is observed as blood cancer awareness month. 
This event was attended by prominent oncologists from Pakistan with the aim of raising awareness about leukemia.
Dr. Azhar Shafi, Consultant Oncologist & Hematologist at Shifa International Hospital, delivered an informative presentation. Dr. Azhar Shafi’s comprehensive talk delved into the causes, symptoms, and advanced treatment modalities available for tackling this challenging disease.
Dr. Ayesha Junaid, Consultant Pathologist at Shifa International Hospital, offered valuable insights into the diagnostic approaches employed in the precise identification and characterization of leukemia cases.
The seminar served as a platform for medical professionals to exchange ideas, collaborate on advancements in leukemia care, and provide a beacon of hope for patients and their families facing this disease.

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