Every child has right to get education: DC Khanewal

KHANEWAL   -  Chief Minister Punjab, Maryam Nawaz, has tasked the district administration with improving the quality of education and infrastructure in government schools. To implement this task, Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Ali Bukhari has convened a meeting of the District Schools Council. Deputy Director Development Shahid Rehman and District Education Officer Elementary Zahid Alam attended the meeting. The Deputy Commissioner directed the education department to utilize all resources to improve educational outcomes and school facilities, stating that every child in government schools has the right to education that meets modern standards. All requirements for the improvement of schools in the district should be met. Subsequently, the Deputy Commissioner conducted a surprise visit to Government Higher Secondary School Makhdoom Pur Pahoran to review the council’s activity and inspect records. He also examined the building’s historical significance. Meanwhile, Muhammad Ali Bukhari also visited the Special Education School Khanewal and issued orders to align the institution for special children with modern standards.